My Story

Meet the Founder:

Elizabeth "Liz" Wehrle

Hi there! My name is Liz! I love being able to craft items and to be able to share my story and continue to grow. Of course, my two dogs, Rocco and Mayven are my biggest helpers.


Army in Orbit

Army in Orbit LLC was founded in July 2020. I initially started on Etsy selling K-Pop fan made merchandise, but soon realized that it wasn't sustainable due to costs of materials and not having enough time to plan and execute new products. Now, it's September 2021 and we're moving to our own space. And we're selling wax melts and room sprays with a few additions coming in the near future!

I've always been into crafting many things, so choosing the item to create full-time was the hardest decision I've ever made! I chose wax melts and room sprays because I really enjoy scents in the home. They have always been a staple in my home and I want to share that same love with everyone.

Growing up, being judgement free was and is still who I am as a person. When I buy something, I like to feel comfortable with my purchase, so I've incorporated the two together to create a safe environment for you while you are here and when you purchase your items. 

My mission for Army in Orbit is to create a relaxing environment in your own home and be able to express yourself in more ways then just your clothing or hairstyle. Our products have meaning that makes every purchase tailored to you, whether it be the blanket at the foot end of your bed, or a scent that you use in your bedroom or living room. Every piece made has a guaranteed promise that it was made with quality control by myself and it's made in a sanitized area. We understand that you may have sensitive skin, or allergies towards dander, or dust, so we're making this a pinky promise from us to you. (Now we CAN'T break it!)

To me, you are not just a customer. You are loved while you are here, no matter who you are. I truly believe that beauty comes from two qualities: your heart, and your personality. 

With that being said, I chose the items I create and the themes to emphasize being yourself. So come by, drop a hello, and I'll reply back with a sweet message for you!