Holiday Shipping Details

Posted by Elizabeth Wehrle on

Hey Friends!


As the holiday season ramps up, there have been some temporary changes to the prices of shipping as well as a delay in delivery times. Below are the details of the temporary changes:

Shipping delays have been increased by 2 days from my end. Since all my blankets are made to order, I want to make sure I have plenty of items ordered ahead of time, but in the event that I run out of a specific color, or thread, please allow an additional 2 days for any delays of items coming from the vendor. 

Shipping Prices have gone up for all items by $1 USD. All orders over $75 USD will still have free shipping!

Please note that once the orders are shipped out and dropped off at the USPS offices, I do not have ANY control over any delays that may occur. Just send me an email at and we can solve the issue together. 

Thank you a bunch! <3 

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